A word from the president

Faced with our world's rapid development, which undoubtedly foretells the depletion of certain raw materials, it is impossible to fail to take environmental factors into account. We must learn to do things differently, to work and produce in a more virtuous manner, so we can continue to coexist.

This is why I have chosen to invest in the energy transition, industry, architecture and design sectors. I am confident that, by relying on a high level of quality and innovation, we will be able to rejuvenate France and export our expertise to international markets while keeping jobs within our borders.

Our work and ambitions have demonstrated that self-realization, entrepreneurship and sharing involve the need for success. It is by venturing outside our comfort zones into unknown territory that we have confirmed our belief in ourselves. And for this reason, we must continue and step up our efforts to reinforce our development strategy and our ability to innovate, so that we may empower each and every one of you to put all of your talents to work.

Change is all around us, in the economy, regulations, and our lives, both personal and professionals. The companies with the most staying power, in this context of constant change, are those who have a goal and a vision for the future.

We must also reflect on the best ways to recycle our energies, our human capital and our collective intelligence within ecosystems other than the ones we are used to.

This is why I want MANUFACTURES FÉVRIER to adopt a synergistic approach, with a complementary set of skills. The companies in our group form a comprehensive whole, a "big picture" that will enable us to better promote "Made in France" and our individual abilities and talents.