How to design new objects able to connect to our environment ?

Can we imagine new relationships to primary energies present in a public space ?

That is on these specific questions that the French designer, Isabelle Daëron, born in 1983 in Plœmeur in southern Brittany, and graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Creation Industrielle, works.

Since 2010, she focuses her work on habitability and devices that take advantage of natural flows such as water, wind or light in the public space.

Her approach questions the importance of contemporary environmental issues and their field of application (flows, energy, mobility) by valuing the resources available on the territory.

This is particularly the purpose of the Aero-Seine project deployed in July 2019 : an urban refreshment system powered by the non-drinking water network of Paris, which extracts water from the Ourcq Canal and the Seine since the late nineteenth century; cheaper and less carbonaceous water.

In Paris, average daily temperatures are already 2 ° C to 3 ° C higher than the rest of the « Ile de France ». This can reach 10 ° C in summer compared to neighboring rural areas. The growing number of scorching episodes in Paris, France or elsewhere, should encourage rapid adaptation of territories to climate issues.

The Aéro Seine project therefore proposes a new way to contribute to the thermal well-being of a pedestrian way while constituting a playful surface and accessible to all.

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