Wood veneer, perfect for walls

The wood veneer sheet can be applied to walls. When it comes to interior finishing, veneer offers multiple aesthetic possibilities depending on the type of wood used and surface to be covered. Siding or wall panel, wood veneer creates a warm chic atmosphere for a living room.

What is wood veneer ?

Wood veneer is a covering and decoration product made from natural wood. The wood sheet is very thin so that it can be easily applied to different surfaces (solid wood, plywood, wood panel, wall covering) to dress up the house. As far as wood types go, softwoods with lovely grooves such as poplar and beech are appreciated for their aesthetic appeal.



The art of wood peeling

Wood peeling requires specific expertise that les Manufactures Février has developed over the years. First, the logs (tree trunks which haven’t been debarked) are carefully selected and placed in a drying oven. They are then sawn into pieces, debarked and pruned.

From there, we move on to the wood peeling. This technique involves cutting the logs into sections (generally ranging from 1,50 to 2,50 m) and then slicing them into strips. To be specific, each cylindrical wood section is fixed onto a rotary axis with claws while a saw peels the wood as the axis rotates. Thus, producing a coil of thin veneer.

Which room to choose for wood veneer?

A high-grade material, wood veneer is strictly used for the interior walls of the house. And for good reason, it needs to be installed in a room where the temperature is between 10 and 30°C with a low hygrometry (from 40 to 60%). That is why, it is not recommended in humid rooms. Veneer sheets form decorative panels which can be installed in a living room, a parental bedroom, a foyer or even a hallway.

Veneer sheets can be made from different wood types: oak, beech, birch, ash- depending on the desired color and style of the room. The thickness varies based on the client’s request and the wall measurements, to give more or less relief to a space.


Aesthetic and practical advantages of veneer

Wood veneer has various benefits. It offers an elegant design for living room walls, in an office or meeting room via a large range of colors and wood grades. In addition, it is easy to install. The first step is to clean and degrease the surface. The next step is to glue the flexible veneer sheet to the wall. Then comes the rolling phase, which requires applying strong pressure while adhering the veneer to avoid any air bubbles from forming. One or two days after installation, a wood finish must be applied to the veneer to protect and ensure its longevity.

Les Manufactures Février offers trendy and chic finishes in order to personalize the offer as much as possible.