Cutting edge mechanical engineering and robotics

Our Industrial Research & Development Centre serves all industries

With nearly 150 years of history, the Manufactures Février group relies on the historic expertise of VALENTIN THÉRION to develop its LMF Industries offering. Developing machines and consumables, the company quickly made its mark as a key innovative player in the complete automation of the wine disgorging chain. Producers and estates, from both Champagne and abroad, enjoy an increased yield that enables them to meet the steady growth in consumer demand.

Industrial expertise for manufacturers

Working alongside beverage producers, we have integrated new companies over time - such as SCMG, Scomaiss, Mainguet and Dekomat - to expand our Research & Development Centre and offer engineering solutions for the entire beverage and liquid production chain, as well as end of line packaging with expertise in tray packing, boxing and palette conveyance for the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2000, we expanded our machining and machine centres. Combining the two entities led to the creation of new tools: freezer compartments and disgorger-dosing meters, precision machines for the start of the disgorging line: a complete production chain including both mechanics and robotics.

Bottling, packaging, prototyping, finishing

In 2005, washers and dryers, the bottling chain and packaging (through box shapers and closers) made it possible for us to implement a comprehensive, integrated chain of custom machines and become a major contributor to the outsourcing and industrialization of the pharmaceutical sector.

Also specializing in single piece production (prototyping) and small and medium series, our expertise enables us to offer technical services for a wide range of materials (aluminium alloy, inconel, titanium, chrome cobalt, tool steel, technical plastic materials and composites) and meet the challenges and requirements of activity sectors such as agri-food, medicine, aeronautics, professional electronics, optics etc.

On the initiative of the "Ecoresponsible bottling" charter, we developed EP+ technologies, such as Freez'air, to limit the use and disposal of consumables while optimizing the output of industrial procedures.

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