Reinvent French industry

Our ambition is to reinvent French industry and renew French industrial heritage, with a sincere desire to maintain the expertise of our companies within France.

Keeping our manufacturing tools inside the country also means putting forward the bold, ambitious entrepreneurial ambition to promote Made in France excellence throughout the world 

This vision is that of Christophe Février, the President of the Manufactures Février group, an industrial entrepreneur, investor, producer and benefactor. A modern, atypical and involved company director whose appetite for aesthetics in not only design and architecture but also in human relationships enables him to forge solid bonds with the people and territories he deals with.


Craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology

Our goal is to develop a unique set of skills that will better our products and the way we conduct our business, on both a societal and an environmental level.

To preserve French expertise and jobs and place our factories in centres of excellence that are capable of sustaining international competitiveness, we capitalize on an approach that combines craftsmanship with the latest technological tools.


Growth & sustainable development

There can be no growth without reflection and integration of environmental factors. The economy, society and the environment are all essential elements in the group's success.

This is why all of our companies have adhered to a sustainable development approach for many decades.

We have sought out sources of growth that have enabled us to grow in a sustainable manner, enhancing French excellence and making use of our industrial expertise: Wood, Textiles, Images, Light, Robotics. With the creation of GEO PLC in 2008, we made a firm step into the energy efficiency sector.