Corporate culture


Our employees' growth and quality of life in the workplace form the foundations of our customer-oriented culture, which is based on four fundamental principles that we share with our employees, partners and customers :

  • A high standard of customer relations, work well done, and high quality services and products
  • Our teams' ethics, professionalism, elegance and performance while doing business
  • Aesthetics in the development of our services and products, drawing inspiration from other universes and creative territories that we regularly explore through corporate patronage actions
  • Responsible engagement, so that we can take a sustainable approach that serves our product and service offerings, as well as the way we do business, on the societal and environmental levels. /li>

We aim to constantly seek out innovative workplace organization methods that can reconcile efficiency and our teams' wellbeing, in order to increase both professional satisfaction and economic performance.

Our corporate culture is based on 5 major practices :

  1. The highly operational involvement of our president and management committee in the daily affaires of the group's entities and in setting goals that closely reflect our capabilities and ambitions.
  2. Manager training as a key element of our HR culture. They are the primary players in workplace quality of life and are committed to serving their teams.
  3. The integration of the fundamental internal values and principles of customer service in employee assessment, namely performance, makes it possible to promote best practices, encourage them, and determine the training strategies that best correspond to the positions they occupy or wish to occupy.
  4. Discussion forums and autonomous work are encouraged, at all levels of the organization, to promote personal engagement. Work stations are ergonomic and spaces are designed to be welcoming and pleasant.
  5. Stakeholder engagement (of partners, suppliers, customers) is also encouraged as part of the development of new products and/or services, and collective performance is promoted for increased motivation and efficiency in our work organization.
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