LMF Design

Decorate your interiors from floor to ceiling
with products that are 100% made in France

TecSOM : Textile floor coverings in tiles or rolls, needle punched or tufted
Brugère : Wood peeling, veneer and plywood
Régnier : Moulded plywood for seating
Cardineau : Partitions, façades, furnishings, furniture and accessories

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Sols textiles

Design in the form of carpet tiles or rolls

With the digital printing techniques developed by TecSOM, the creative and design possibilities are endless! Our graphic designers have almost no limits in creating our carpet rolls and tiles: they use carpet as a medium of expression, combining and overlapping colours and patterns.

Graphic and designer textile floor coverings offer up a new architectural dimension for tertiary and residential spaces by dialling up the style.

A way to showcase your decor, our printed carpets can coordinate with fixtures and furniture, breathing life into a space and giving it a whole new look.

The colours are bolder, and the on-trend patterns are regularly refreshed.

Jungle style for a natural ambiance, stripes or squares for a high-design ambiance, complex floral motifs... digital printing makes it possible for us to create on-demand and custom products.

The different loop heights available for certain tile and roll models add texture and structure to a space. Needle punched, looped, structured or velvet textures can be combined for flooring that captures light thanks to its three-dimensional appearance.

Wood veneer

clothe your walls in natural beauty

Are you in the market for a wood veneer wall? Contact our wood peeling specialists, who have developed a unique beechwood veneer and peeling system.
In collaboration with Arts et Métiers researchers, the research and development office, known as Bopli, carries out work with two main focuses:

  • To improve veneer quality and master the primary processing process for beechwood.
  • To master the secondary processing process: the manufacture of panels and plywood and product innovations.

This new development in France is expected to lead to more widespread use of beechwood in interior design, especially since Manufactures Février has fully followed through on the project by investing 20 million euros in a Raute peeling line that can peel logs 3.3 m in length.

The only French manufacturer specializing in custom panelling, this line, the largest in Europe, enables Brugère to create all kinds of decorative panels from any type of wood, and more specifically to manufacture beech plywood panels in all sizes and qualities:

  • Maximum length 2,630 mm
  • Maximum width 1,630 mm
  • Thickness between 6 and 60 mm

Brugère quality guarantees that veneers will be uniform in colour, with no open defects and no more than one sound knot per square metre.

Unique expertise and a Made in France process to clothe walls in natural beauty using PEFC-labelled wood.

Cardineau, furniture and accessories

Personalized and redistributed spaces

In an open office space or a waiting room, a meeting room or a mass catering establishment, as a headboard in a luxury hotel, furniture and the delimitation of spaces play a key role!

By installing wooden furnishings, dividers, partitions or accessories, zones are delimited by function and privacy is maintained. Visual aesthetics are also preserved thanks to structures and lines that don't completely cut off the spaces created. Another advantage is that the furnishings and separations significantly decrease noise impact.

We offer custom solutions that meet your specifications. Beech, African whitewood, okoume, tola, pine... You can choose the wood variety and the quality of the panels with the help of our wood experts' experienced advice.

These teams, attentive to your needs, will offer you the best solution to create your furnishings and redistribute your spaces to meet your needs and expectations. Using peeled wood, sliced veneer or MDF, our wood factories offer technical solutions to furniture manufactures for the creation of any curved shape using multi-ply or veneer (bamboo, rosewood, moabi, oak, cherry, etc.).

Our companies are committed to sustainable management of forest resources and are PEFC and FSC certified. All pieces supplied with a minimum thickness of 9 mm have an M3 rating (low flammability). If needed, we can apply non-flammable coatings with an M1 rating (M1 varnish or M1 laminate).

Our wood creations are tailored to your expectations and offer a trendy look for your work or leisure spaces.

Regnier, chairs, seats and armchairs

custom seating

A manufacturer of seats, chair backs and seat shells... With plywood, everything is possible! For interior design creations, beechwood is perfectly suited for the production of moulded plywood and wood veneer pieces. Beechwood sourced from French and European forests with PEFC certification is the ideal high-quality material for finished products such as chairs and other furniture.

Custom pieces that can meet any specifications or corporate requirements: from pieces to be assembled to finished products !

Using our advanced technology, we can create curves up to 3.2 m long with highly complex machining. Plywood suited for all kinds of markets: schools, municipalities, airports, hotels and dining establishments, concert halls.

High-end services and unique expertise that turns wood into the ideal material for all interior design projects.