LMF Energy

Custom services for reliable energy savings

Hellio (ex GEO PLC) : Funding solutions for energy efficiency projects
GEO Energie et Services : Design and consulting firm for energy performance optimization
Delta Conso Expert : Energy consumption analysis software

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Geo Energie et Services

a versatile energy performance and technical engineering design office

Receive comprehensive assistance, from your projects' preparation stage to the monitoring of the actual performance. Since 2001, through our R&D branch, we have been developing reliable, innovative and effective energy monitoring tools.

Our certifications

  • OPQIBI 1905 building energy auditing
  • OPQIBI 1717 industrial energy auditing
  • OPQIBI 0104 project management assistance in operations and maintenance
  • CMVP Certified in measurement and verification
  • AEE CBCP certification for commissioning
  • Listed by the ATEE in its directory of design offices
  • Listed by AFNOR Énergies for energy analyses
  • A large number of our studies are regularly verified and validated by ADEME

Engineering and project management

  • Study of HVAC, plumbing and filtering systems
  • Design, structuring, completion of 3D BIM technical plans using REVIT
  • Drafting of tender documents (technical specifications, price schedules, plans)
  • Analysis and selection of construction companies
  • Monitoring of works. Approval of plans, calculations and products. Site meetings
  • Assistance with acceptance operations
  • Start-up and performance monitoring

Energy performance advising

  • Energy performance analysis
  • Energy policy advising (COE)
  • Preliminary audits
  • Energy and thermal audits
  • Technical audits
  • Summer comfort audits
  • Comparative studies for energy selection

Public lighting advising

  • Technical and energy audits for public lighting
  • Creation or updating of maps and geopositioning
  • Technical report, inventory of equipment
  • Analysis of systems in place
  • Project costing
  • Start-up and energy performance contracts

Delta Conso Expert

the energy consumption analysis software

Our design office has developed an ambitious IT development program with the support of the university laboratories of Poitiers. This program has received financial support from FEDER and OSEO. This initiative has led to the creation of the Deltaconso Expert® software.

This comprehensive software brings together in a single tool the energy management of assets for companies and municipalities. From inventories of existing systems to the verification of the measures implemented, Deltaconso Expert® makes it possible to execute an energy and finance improvement plan by assessing and monitoring energy consumption and costs. Based on the energy mapping carried out, our engineers can execute an energy performance improvement plan. This plan is accompanied by funding solutions, and Deltaconso Expert® enables you to monitor changes in consumption in real-time.


  • Energy management of assets
  • Multi-site, multi-utility and multi-scope consumption monitoring
  • Performance auditing
  • Data ranking
  • A web-based software with secure access, automatic invoice importing, a map tool based on Google Maps, online assistance wiki, document management, etc.