Les Manufactures Février dresse the floors of the FRENCH DESIGN by VIA

Renew interior spaces with design and reliable materials only. The goal was set in this very pragmatic way between Les Manufactures Février group, in consultation with its President, Christophe Février and all operational teams of Sol et Bois. The ambition: to develop an original useful and sustainable products offer for planners and architects, based on 100% French and unique know-how.

 « You don’t substitute a product, you refresh an area »

For Les Manufactures Février group, it is a question of considering  the spaces to be renovated like living spaces in order to imagine a new functional design for them. Thus, new carpeting and new chairs are enough to refresh the look & feel of a place, bringing a brand new atmosphere. In line with this approach, our group is Membership of L’Ameublement Français, since we share this permanent research of quality in the development of living spaces.

Les Manufactures Février dresses the FRENCH DESIGN by VIA floors


The FRENCH DESIGN by VIA, in partnership with Startway Coworking & Innovation centers and L’ameublement Français will be setting up an innovative co-working/co-meeting space from 6 February to 31 December 2020. This versatile and flexible third-site, called «Le FRENCH DESIGN LAB», is intended to welcome, within its Exhibition Gallery, the creative community and publishers of VIA, the French furniture industry, but also the self-employed and nomadic employees, and project teams of companies of all sizes.

Time has come to enhance quality and ergonomics of furniture in co-working spaces! In this way, the various configurations, illustrated by the furniture of the members of L’ameublement Français, will be tested by the users, for a real-time return on products as well as on proposed development solutions.

For this occasion, Les Manufactures Février group has produced a custom-printed velvet flooring with the motif created by the scenographer of the place Sophia Taillet. The new space will also remain open to its environment and the public. The Galerie Le FRENCH DESIGN by VIA will continue its program of design exhibitions, to the delight of coworkers and visitors alike.