Les Manufactures Février support the "Planting for the Future" initiative

True responsible actor, the group Les Manufactures Février is committed for future generations through a PEFC certified forest exploitation.

It is in the name of this same commitment that the group Manufactures February has become a partner of the solidarity fund "Plant for the future" helping landowners engaged in forest management.

"Ensuring the future of our forests, more than a responsibility, is a duty"

All factories of the group Les Manufactures Fevrier guarantee that the wood used, are in a logic of sustainable development of forests.

"Mobilizing public opinion by working for an awareness of all generations about the primordial role of the forest and the importance of preserving this exceptional heritage is a mission that is important to us," explains its president, Christophe Février.

Through Brugère, Régnier and Cardineau factories, the industrial group encourages the development of wood in the industry and encourages innovation by supporting the development of production techniques and practices, adapted to the environmental challenges of the future, and also promoting training and employment in rural areas.

An initiative to meet the current and future challenges of the wood industry in France

"Planting for the Future" is an endowment fund, created at the initiative of the forest cooperatives, the first reforestation companies in France who, thanks to the donations of its patrons and as part of its mission of general interest, supports projects of reforestation, environmental education and research. It makes it possible to respond to current and future challenges of forests and the wood industry in France.

The only natural regeneration of forests is no longer sufficient to meet the growing need for wood and the development of a bio-sourced economy.

75% of the French forest is private and belongs to more than 3 million owners who for the most part own only a few hectares and whose resources are insufficient to ensure reforestation. This is where the background was created.

Since its creation in 2014, 1,125 ha have been reforested representing 1,400,000 trees planted.

Wood: first resource of France

Cutting a tree is part of the forest's life cycle. Planting and regenerating the forest to sequester more carbon, produce high-quality wood require adapted means. Ensuring the renewal of the resource for future generations is essential for the environmental, but also the economic and social future.

With 440,000 direct and indirect jobs, the forest-wood sector is rich in a diversity of know-how that is present throughout the country, most of which can not be relocated.