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Molded plywood is still a technique still underused in design and creation. Solid wood is often preferred. However, the technique of the plywood offers exceptional resistance, and its behavior in time is unequaled. With Cardineau, a company of the group Les Manufactures Février and the Chartier house, the young interior designer Louis Kagan creates a new range of furniture highlighting this technique.

Cardineau, specialized in the design of molded plywood and laminated wood for furnishing and industry, is working with interior designer Louis Kagan and the high-end furniture company Chartier to produce a capsule collection. in walnut plywood.

Louis Kagan, a young interior designer, supported his creative approach and design expertise to reinvent his own interpretations of molded wood furniture design. Thanks to the Scandinavian style, the mix of materials has made a sensational entrance into our interiors. The walnut furniture displays a false simplicity that makes it sophisticated without almost any artifice. Associated with glass, the mixture is elegant and subtle.

Louis Kagan drew on the Cardineau mold catalog to create shelves, a pedestal table, a coffee table, a dining table and a chair.

All the bent parts were machined in the Vendée factory. The use of numerical control programming, which allows the realization of variable rays, offers Cardineau an excellent production capacity.

Chartier made the flat pieces and assembled his pieces with those made by Cardineau.

Contrary to popular belief, the integration of arched wood in the designs is easy. By multiplying projects of this type, Cardineau intends to inspire more customers and designers on the potential of this material.

The molded plywood has the capacity to create, in the finest species, totally unrealizable forms of raw wood, which makes it an exceptional material for design and creation. With this project, we want to inspire more designers and interior designers on the potential of molded wood and encourage them to create and imagine more products from this material.

table a manger         Piece en noyer bureau C 1