2019 Interior Design Trends

What does 2019 hold for design? High end and sophisticated French expertise is in high demand ; interiors evolve in an environmentally friendly way ; custom production finds its inspiration in the pop-up shop model and nomadism calls for a modular approach. Les Manufactures Février anticipates and decodes ‘can’t miss’ interior design trends.

Showcasing authenticity and expertise

The Maison&Objet salon announced the theme for the January 2019 edition : Excuse my French ! Everything is in the title : French Fab, French Tech, prescribers are invited to focus on young French designers and ‘Made in France’ brands which place craftsmanship at the heart of their manufacturing process. The new year will bemarked by authenticity, product traceability and designers which place materials and human expertise at the core of their production.

The neo-artisans Les Manufactures Février have been combining craft and technology for a long time, to produce a unique savoir-faire that is « so french ».

Customize your space and create a strong identity with a pop-up store

Designer pop-ups and ephemeral concept-stores line the streets of our cities. Fundamentally different from permanent boutiques, these new spaces must strike hard and fast. With a success relying almost entirely on word of mouth and Instagram photos, concept stores must create a very visual environment which can allow them to arrive and immediately make their mark. Their style is easily identifiable : a colored stretch of wall, panoramic wallpaper, midnight blue or powder pink furniture, lighting chains, green plants. A spatial balance that is both harmonious and graphic and a unique signature that is recognizable at first glance.

When replicated in a home setting, the concept becomes a world in harmony with its inhabitants. A clear identity is established with strong colors, wall decorations, objects on display, micro-spaces, light or dark wood and design pieces.

Pan de mur bleu foncé. ©Herz & Blut
Meuble de salle de bains Illusion en noyer, Decotec. ©Decotec

Adopt modular furniture

Lifestyles change and the home changes with them. Millenials are setting the tone of a nomadic and mobile lifestyle, encouraging manufacturers to find space saving solutions for small urban spaces. Modular furniture has never been so trendy. Les Manufactures Février offers custom solutions adaptable for every setting, from partitions to bookcases and shelves, which divide spaces without closing them off, adjust without reducing volumes and create different atmospheres.

The pegboard is becoming a must-have. This multipurpose board exists in medium density fibreboard, perforated wood board, plywood, multi-layer wood panels or plastic. It can adapt to meet your needs and desires, with hang hooks, small shelves, boxes and a variety of innovative and practical storage solutions.

Favor eco-friendly materials

In 2019, interiors move in an environmentally-conscious direction. Certified wood, traceability, green commitments (at Brugère, 1 tree cut down = 1 tree planted), upcycling (recyclable materials become useful products) : the demanding consumer is looking for products, furniture and an interior decor that make sense : ecological to minimize our carbon footprint, French to support French industry, and strong long-lasting pieces capable of changing function at any given time.

In a similar vein, recycling and reusing furniture and objects gives pieces a new life, all the while preserving the environment. And wood, in general, plays a major role in wall and ceiling design solutions.


Meuble vasque fait avec une machine à coudre. ©INT2 Architecture
Miroir The Synthesis Monolith Mirror, Hongjie Yang, Rising Talent Awards Maison&Objet janvier 2019. ©Ronald Smits