Excuse my French! The unveiled trend of Maison & Objet show in January 2019

The Maison & Objet show took place in Villepinte for its first edition in 2019, from January 18 to 22. French Touch, exception and French excellence, French know-how, the meeting place of the professionals of the decoration, the design and the art of living revealed its new Trend: Excuse my french! A theme that inevitably pleases the Manufactures Février since it does honor the French art of living !

Made in France honored

Promoter of French know-how and industry, the Manufactures Février can only be rejoiced of the trend of the Maison & Objet show for its January 2019 session: Excuse my French! Behind this somewhat quirky and humorous expression hides an undeniable trend, namely the return of France to the international forefront. "At this moment abroad, there is clearly a renewal of curiosity for France, almost fascination (...) In a universe that is becoming standardized, where everything becomes the same, we focus on exceptions and differences, "says Vincent Grégoire, Nelly Rodi trends office. The prescribers have understood, the ecosystem of design and decoration is renewed in France, thanks to this famous French Touch, this peculiar singularity of the hexagon, whether French know-how or the French Tech.

French designers and creators

The show, under tricolor influence will give international visitors the opportunity to discover new designers and brands of the Hexagon, and French professionals, the opportunity to better understand how to ride the wave of "Made in France".

Around 4 major trades: small editors of design and furniture, the French Tech with its industry and its myriad of start-ups, the new wave of French creators of origin and various cultures and a gallery of designers who jostle the codes, "À la française", reconciling opposites.


Sebastian Herkner, sacred designer of the year

Like every year, a designer is honored during the show. After Ramy Fischler in September 2018, Sebastian Herkner is showcased next January. This German designer was trained at the University of Art and Design Offenbach before founding his own studio in 2006.

His creation of objects and furniture is distinguished by the combination of new technologies and traditional crafts, by highlighting the beauty of materials. In 2018, he signs the 118 wooden chair for Thonet: reduced to a minimum of elements, the frame of the seat is composed of a single piece curved and stretched with a handmade Viennese cane. He also carries out projects for interior design and exhibition design.

®Gaby Gerster

Chinese Rising Talent Awards Showcase

In September 2018, Lebanon was under the spotlight via the Rising Talent Awards. In January 2019, at the Maison & Objet show, it is the future Chinese talents who present their latest creations.

The Chinese creation reflects the country's goal of becoming a major player in international design, creativity and innovation. 6 designers are in competition, including 2, Frank Chou from the eponymous studio and Mario Tsai, a graduate in design and furniture manufacturing, from the famous Forestry University of Beijing. University that offers advanced training in forest and ecological environment. 6 people make up the jury: among them, the British Tom Dixon, designer of lighting and furniture, specializing in global design and commercial scenography. Among other things, he signed the chic and graphic design of a tile carpet for the private collection of the TecSOM textile floor designer.