Digital impression revolutionizes carpet

Revealing decorations, printed carpets coordinate with layouts and furnishings. The printed textile floors not only make it possible to liven up the space - whether for a home design project, the renovation of a hotel or the creation of professional offices - but also to meet all the decorative desires thanks to unlimited design possibilities that digital printing on carpet tiles allows.

How digital printing on textile floors works ?

Digital technologies have revolutionized the manufacturing methods of many products, including interior design and decoration. In recent years, personalization has become the inescapable trend to create a unique space. Digital printing makes it easy to get personalized printed carpets. But how does it work?

Concretely, digital printing on carpet comes from from digital files. All you need to do is scan patterns, logos, messages, drawings or photos that will be reproduced on the textile floor. This technique can be used on different models of carpets, depending on the desired render and dimensions (length, width and thickness to be defined beforehand).


State-of-the-art machines for tailor-made printing

Les Manufactures Février owns a state-of-the-art digital machine park capable of printing very large specimens of carpets. Thanks to these state of the art devices, the joints between the tiles are factory-controlled to guarantee a perfect render of the pattern to the installation and a high-end finish. In addition, the possibilities of design being endless, Les Manufactures Février group can answer all the requests by creating custom patterned carpets and reproduce exactly a drawing, a logo or a motive.

An undeniable asset for interior designers, especially to dress the graphic textile floors of hotels, which need to stand out and have their own identity in order to retain the travelers.

Digital printing on carpet: unlimited possibilities of expression

Digital printing on carpet allows an infinity of possibilities of design and colors. The company TecSOM, French designer of textile floors since 1881, has developed new carpet printing techniques that offer even more creative freedom. With its know-how, the company allows its graphic designers to have little or more limits on carpets in rolls and tiles. The latter use the carpet support as a real field of expression on which they combine and interweave colors and patterns.

Some carpet models have also been signed by renowned designers like the British Ron Arad. Deep or gradient colors, complex floral patterns, landscapes, stripes, life scenes, geometric shapes ... Nothing is impossible to give life to a project.


Innovation at the heart of the manufacturing process

Thanks to heavy investments such as digital printing on carpet tiles, the Manufactures Février are able to offer original, unique and tailor-made models. In a committed approach, which adopt the use of innovative materials such as fishing nets collected at sea and which are recycled for TecSOM textile floors.

Another possibility to wake up the decor, 3D carpet printing. It plays on the heights, the structure and the thickness of the loops of the textile base. Needles, curly, structured or velvet mingle for floors and capture light through their three-dimensional rendering.