With the release of Minuscule 2, Mandibles from far away, Flair production confirms its attachment to overseas

Flair Production is intended to be a “prod” with an editorial line thought in consultation with authors and directors.

Their expertise is based on original subjects, with societal, environmental, educational, scientific, historical or artistic themes, always with a strong human dimension and infrequently treated on television.

Its ambition : to promote Overseas

After Sur la piste des senteurs, a documentary based on a concept of adventure and the art of living filmed in French Polynesia, Flair Production wanted to once again highlight the Overseas by supporting the co-production of the film Minuscule 2 whose the first opus, released in more than 50 countries and was awarded the César of the Best Animation Film in 2015.

With Minuscule 2, THE MANDIBLES FROM FAR AWAY, which will release on 30 January, FLAIR Production is pleased to accompany this new adventure.


This project is led by Philippe Delarue from the production company Futurikon and co-produced by Christophe Février, GEO PLC company, Guillaume Roy and Laurent Ramamonjiarisoa, FLAIR Production.