Interior design : what colors go best with beech wood ?

Wood has some beautiful days ahead when it comes to interior design. It’s a resistant and aesthetically pleasing material, with dozens of wood types and just as many shades. Beech is a new trend in interior design. For kitchen counters, veneer, wall paneling, furniture, partitions… There are countless possibilites. But we have to know which colors to mix it with.

A light but warm color

Beech is a tree from the Fagaceum family : a white wood with a smooth bark. The wood is relatively light in color but exists in different shades depending on what you’re looking for. Darker than oak, it mixes beige and ocre tones and can be darker than certain wood types. It would fit perfectly in a Scandinavian living room or a more industrial style space. This characteristic gives it a key advantage : the ability to blend with a variety of decorative styles.


How to use and accompany beech wood ?

In interior design, beech wood is a popular material widely used by professionals. Less expensive than certain wood types (such as mango or walut trees), it’s often used to dress up walls and floors and even decorate the home. Beech can be used to manufacture decorative plywood products in an array of formats and sizes, which can create a nice contrast with blue, red and orange tones. It’s also possible to produce chic veneer panels to enhance a dull wall. It’s the leading material for manufacturing wood veneer.

Beech partitions for office professionals

Beech can be used to produce partition walls to provide privacy for office employees or screen walls which can divide a large living room into several distinct areas. The benefits ? The structures and lines of these space dividers don’t close off spaces entirely but rather let natural light in while reducing sound impacts. Beech wood screens and partitions will stand out more when coupled with white and black structures.

It is possible to produce custom furniture from a drawing. In order to do this, companies within the group Les Manufactures Février manufacture molded plywood, laminated and curved forms. These will then be used as shells for chairs, desks or accessories (doors, drawers, etc.) which can be combined with strong colors like navy blue, teal or purple.


Some manufacturing secrets about beech veneer …

How does we manufacture beech veneer? Logs – that is, tree trunks which have been stripped of their branches but still have their bark – are carefully chosen before being placed in a drying oven. Five days later, the logs are cut into pieces and debarked. They will then be transformed, via various technical procedures, in accordance with their future use.

From wood peeling to veneer and plywood production, les Manufactures Février manufacture high quality furniture and partitions using molded and carefully machined multi-layered plywood.