Reinvent ceiling decoration

Often overlooked, the ceiling is making a comeback. There is significant renewed interest for this part of the room. Pinterest – the social network which reveals new decoration trends– is now calling the ceiling the 5th wall.

Les Manufactures Février proposes innovative surfacing solutions and wall techniques that can be used to enhance the ceiling.


Dress up the ceiling with wood veneers

If the ceiling is painted a trademark white, it’s not necessarily the best way to show it off. Wood immediately adds a raw and warm touch to a contemporary interior.

Les Manufactures Février propose wall surfacing solutions such as veneer sheets, beechwood or oak, which will warm up an immaculate ceiling. A covering made of wooden strips or sheets of peeled wood is a sign of authenticity. Stains can be applied to the veneer and are available in a variety of shades.


Install recessed or surface mounted lighting

Ceiling lights save valuable space while supplying increased luminosity to a dark room. A variety of ceiling lights, fixtures and recessed lights are available at les Manufactures Février as well as a wide range of lightbulbs and LED accesories.

Now, all that’s left to do is select the forms and sizes suitable for each room, such as a light for above the dining room table which hangs from the center of an existing rosette. Not only that, inset lighting will add a modern appearance to a contemporary kitchen or living room while highlighting a unified ceiling. That little extra that makes the difference ? Add a dimmer to be able to adjust the intensity of the spotlights or Smart Lighting for smart, connected, remote-controlled lighting.

Dare to paint your ceiling a bold color

The trend is going with solid-color surfaces, even on the ceiling. And for that, paint remains the easiest way to transform a space. Vitamin shades like yellow and red immediately warm up a room. Darker tones such as black, navy blue or plum give a dramatic effect to a loft. Pastel colors (powder pink, beige, ivory, almond green…) enhance existing reliefs such as moldings. Adding color to the ceiling is also a good way to delineate an open-plan kitchen or an office area in a living room and an alcove in a bedroom.


When textiles conquer the ceiling

Confined to the floor for far too long, textile covering is now being used to highlight the ceiling. You can install tightened or stuck with a jute or linen cloth.

Les Manufactures Février offer the possibility to print a design on the carpet before installing on the fifth wall of the house. Outcome : a custom warm atmosphere in a bedroom.

Fly high with XXL photo printing

Customization is one of the keys to ceiling decoration. Printing a large format family photo or a XXL holiday memory are all avenues that worth exploring on the Les Manufactures Février website for a colorful ceiling that not everyone has.

Wallpaper the ceiling

Wallpaper isn’t only for walls. It’s moving into new territory, the ceiling, to encourage people to daydream. Floral designs, geometric shapes, exotic prints, light blue and star-studded skies… Wallpaper models are becoming more and more original. There are also styles which imitate wood and concrete. Another benefit, wallpaper disguises irregularities much better than paint.


Attach accessories

The ceiling can also be decorated with accessories. Picture frames can be used to surround a hanging light, with polka dot stickers and different size mirrors arranged here and there. The plant trend is also spreading. Hanging plants with macramé create a green ceiling in a bohemian studio.