Building designers’ information sources

Since 2004, Archiliste, a platform for architects, publishes its annual barometer on building designers’ information sources. Where and how do architects and interior designers, contractors and project managers, engineering and design firms de la construction obtain information on their professions and products ?

Les Manufactures Février could not ignore this wealth of information which allows them to better meet its customers’ needs.

The brand’s website, first information source for building designers

Visiting the manufacturer’s website is building designers’ main source of information, thereby answering 92% of customer questions « quite important ». A trend which has continued to increase since 2006. The reason ? Designers find compelling interactive content which is constantly updated. This growing interest for industrialists’ and manufacturers’ sites marks a distinct decline of paper products such as leaflets (43%) and company newsletter (21%). Only contractors continue to use them.


The importance of physical meetings for interior designers

Virtual versus real ? No. Studies show a renewed interest for trade shows (58%) in recent years : the face-to-face encounter goes hand in hand with digital information devices and thus important. And it is the interior designers who are the most loyal visitors of trade fairs (78%) such as Maison&Objet. Similarly, the ongoing interest for meetings with sales representative (62%) reflects the desire to maintain a human connection in the building sector : this is a particularly valued information source for architects and companies of over 3 employees. Despite the rise of digital media, the professional press remains a valuable source of information (48%), in particular for interior designers.

When building designers are looking for a product…

When building designers are looking for a product, innovation or service, they go directly to the manufacturer’s site 80% of the time. Then search engines, with Google in the lead, followed by sites specialized in construction such ass batiactu or batiproduits. It should be noted that project managers are the only ones which prefer specialized sites (87% versus 50% for other professions) : these online « product libraries» give them access to thousands of product references from different manufacturers.


Print and online media remain valuable sources of informations. Batiactu, le Moniteur, Batiweb, le Courrier de l’Architecte and d’A are the building and architecture news sites preferred by the profession; in the specialized press, Le Moniteur, AMC (magazine specialized in French architecture news), d’A make up the leading trio (50%) followed by Cahiers de la Profession of the CNOA (National Council of the Order of Architects), Architecture à Vivre, AD Magazine and Cahiers techniques du bâtiment.

Industrialists and manufacturers, you know what you need to do so that your customers can easily find you and your products…