Focus on curved wood in interior design

Curved or molded wood is a semi-natural semi-industriel material. In fact, it’s made using a decades-old manufacturing process which allows us to create any form we desire. Whether it be for making partitions using sheets of curved wood, custom objects or furniture, it’s making a comeback on the design scene. Specialist

Les Manufactures Février goes behind the scenes of the manufacture and use of curved wood in interior design

What is curved wood ?

Curved wood is made using 50 years of expertise! Also referred to as molded wood, it can adapt perfectly to all kinds of forms. As a result, curved wood has become more relevant than ever in the design world. Its curved shapes are becoming increasingly popular with artists, designers, furniture makers and interior designers which shape the wood to suit their needs.

Curved or molded wood exists in several colors and can be adorned with veneer. Les Manufactures Février propose curved wood in a variety of wood types, from beech and poplar to pine or cherrywood. Wood types appreciated for their durability and aesthetic qualities !


What is the process for making molded wood ?

The manufacture of molded wood can be compared to that of curved plywood. With a few particularities. The first step is to layer thin sheets of wood (8 to 10 mm) in opposite directions after glueing. This leaves us with thin but sturdy plywood sheets.

The second step is to give a specific shape to the wood. Sheets are layered in a mold, which will press and heat them to 90°C for 5 à 10 minutes. The bending must be done on wood without defects (such as knots) in the direction of the grain.


How to use curved wood in interior design ?

Curved wood can be used for countless possibilities in interiors. It can be used to manufacture furniture, such as seats, rounded and curved shapes, to decorate a home or office. Armoires, chairs, tables, shelves…Les Manufactures Février adapts to all personal decoration needs. Glued, laminated, curved wood is available in endless decorative objects and accessories to bring warmth to a room.

Partitions and outdoor furniture in curved wood

Molded wood can dress up naturally curved walls or columns in an apartment. You just have to mold the elements so the wood can hug the shape. In addition, it is an ideal material for  space dividers, reception desks or counters in the service industry.

Finally, like plywood, it can be installed outside and will not undergo any deformation due to heat. This is why it is popular in the manufacture of garden and patio furniture.