2019 Color trends for walls and floors

Every year, certain paint manufacturers reveal the latest colors trends for interiors. Neutral for some, flashy for others, these colors are a good indicator of demands in terms of interior design as well as hues for wall and floor coverings.

Les Manufactures Février unveils what the 2019 color palette has in store for us.

Muted colors

Muted or faded colors have the particularity of being less vibrant and not reflecting light. These dark tones are making a comeback in 2019. Greens contrast beautifully with antique pink while grays and blues become darker. Outcome :  muted colors add depth to a room by playing with interior volumes. When they’re used in floor covering, such as in offices, they gain in texture thanks to a mottled chic look.


Pastel tones

Very present in the interior decorating world this year, pastel tones are still in style. Métropolitan, a light gray, both serene and chic happens to be American paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore’s color of the year. However, the trend is moving toward natural element tones to better contrast with natural wood furniture and wood paneling. Almond green, boreal rose, sky blue…

There’s something for every taste and every interior. Colors can be used for a kid’s bedroom wall, a kitchen alcove or for a section of wall in a living room. Les Manufactures Février propose plant and floral carpet tile designs which create a harmonious atmosphere full of softness.

A warm color palette

Color gradations are going to be all the rage in 2019 ! How does it work ? By selecting different shades of the same color. In this case, warm colors are available in a variety of tones. From salmon pink to terracotta, ochre, eggplant and antique pink, earth tones are going to be the focus in walls, floors and furniture. Amber honey, a warm velvety color was chosen to be Dulux Valentine’s color of the year.

Vitamin hues that take you on a voyage of discovery

2019 will be dedicated to travel. The color chart is based on the deep red of Asia, Majorelle blue of the Mediterranean and spiced yellow originating from the African wax print textiles. Invigorating and empowering, Living coral is Pantone’s color of the year. In a nutshell, we are transforming the home by using strong colors paired with black, white and exotic woods. Pure colors can also be applied in small quantities, with a carpet design, cushions or a section of wall.


Tones that remind us of nature

We are starting to see more and more green in the home. Toned down shades such as clay green or grayish green blend nicely into a natural wood setting. Perfect for a carpet or floor covering, green does wonders next to a beech veneer wall. It goes well with mineral colors, -pebble, stone- as well as brown and chestnut, which are back in style in the deco world