Which trends for floors and walls in hotels?

Rooms, common spaces, which trends for floors and walls in hotels?

Hoétel La Clef aÇ Paris Jean Philippe Nuel Tabisso. Tabisso

Each year, EquipHôtel show explores trends in the sector, from the ground to the ceiling, from the layout of chambers to lobbies and corridors. In 2019, the hotel industry made a positive contribution to flooring and innovative walls, and the textile floors, which created atmosphere, remained plebiscite by the hotel industry for their decorative power.

Popularity of textile floors

The floor is a central element in a hotel. It catches immediately the eye and participate largely in the decoration and in the atmosphere which emerges from a space. The emergent trend of EquipHotel show is undoubtedly the comeback of the textile floors and the flocked textile floor in the hotel business.They present several advantages regarding comfort, acoustics and aestheticism. 

The Manufactures Févrierbring them an innovative solution of use by proposing the recycled textile tiles in a multitude of variations. Square carpet tiles are more easily handleable and easy to put that in rollers, and they also join the conservation of the resources.

The digital impression for creative and design textile floors

Besides, the techniques of digital impression developed these last years multiply the possibilities of creation. The dark tones and the uni-colors gave way to deep colors, XXL patterns and audacious printed matters. It allows to answer at best to the style and the atmosphere wished in every room of an establishment, but also to have a harmonious textile floor with the furniture. Tailor-made product in sum! Floral motives, style jungle, printed minimalists, stripes, geometrical forms … This process, used by the Manufactures Février , can meet all the demands of personalizing, which are unavoidable in hotels. Nature-inspired drawings, in the evolution of the “tropical garden” trend in decoration, are very popular and make possible to create a space in which visitors feel reassured.

Revival of carpet in Hotels

Hotel Burdigala Collinet. Didier Delmas

The carpet comes back to the front of the hotel scene. What are its assets? To reveal the decoration, to give relief and a new perspective to space, but also to offer infinite possibilities for design and color. It can take the form of rolls for a tensioned installation or carpet tiles for a glued installation. This latter method is more convenient for maintenance, especially in busy common areas of hotels such as lobbies and hallways. In fact, if one or more tiles are weathered, they can be replaced very easily without change the entire carpet. In addition, the carpet can be 3D-printed, including playing on different loop heights. The result is a very interesting three-dimensional rendering and a very pleasant comfort for flooring in a room, for example.

Carpet tiles for Public establishments

A wide selection of carpets for ERP (Public establishments) is available at theManufactures Février. A hotel, boarding party or tourist residence must meet the requirements of the ERP classification and the associated category number corresponding to the number of persons received
This type of flooring therefore meets mandatory standards and meets accessibility and safety obligations. It also offers increased resilience and greater durability.

Wall get dressed of wood

With floors, walls are the other decisive element of the charm of a hotel. Today, the standardized and uniform hotels are not any more on the roll. The clientele is sensitive and susceptible in the decoration of one shop hotel for example, in which every detail matters. The professionals of the sector try to create a unique and singular place, in which the visitors feel good. So, wall coverings do not amount any more only to the painting : XXL frescoes invade the space, the panoramic wallpaper finds its place in a room of breakfast as in a suite. In search of innovative and chic wall coverings, interior architects and designers rely on new wall coverings around a lighthouse material, wood. Wood veneers, in beech or oak, of more or less clear shades and of more or less smooth appearance, bring warmth to an intimidating restaurant or smoker, asperity change the atmosphere of a place of life. Ultra chic and refined, wood veneer is the new wall coating that has the wind in its sails.