Industrial & multimedia printing

Carpet, Wood, Wallpaper, XXL Photography, custom printing.

Through our LMF Design department, we have integrated industrial printing into our manufacturing processes. Printing technologies are thus deployed as part of our production lines. Thanks to our experts, Documentis, we have developed a wide variety of industrial applications: from the operational printout for a product that is manufactured and packaged in large series, to decorative printing on various surfaces such as carpet, wood, wallpaper or photo paper.

Infinite printing possibilities

Our latest investments in industrial printing have created an infinite range of possibilities for our production processes. Built into the manufacturing lines, these new technologies make it possible to create customized printing projects while reducing the design and production time. We are able to adapt our printing processes for large or small quantities in order to respond to rapid market changes or our customers' specific requests.

These special technologies also enable us to prototype and create custom products.

This is, without a doubt, the criterion according to which we would like to prove our ability to assist our customers and partners, from product development to delivery via our responsive manufacturing process.

Organizational and technological agility

This ambition is driven by agile, flexible teams that make fast decision-making possible. Bottom-up management is at the heart of our efficiency. We start from the observation that those who do, know best.

Our goal in relation to these technological innovations is to increase proximity and keep smaller inventory levels in order to reduce time to market. French quality is maintained thanks to the complementarity between our digital and traditional machines, ensuring that our expertise benefits from both technologies.

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