Christophe Fevrier action Fund

Providing meaning today for better action tomorrow.

Created on the initiative of Christophe Février, the CHRISTOPHE FÉVRIER endowment fund aims to ensure the continuity of the corporate patronage actions that have been carried out over many years in the fields of Culture, Education and Sports, throughout the territory and in all its forms.

A support initiative that expresses the core values of the entrepreneur and investor Christophe Février, who is convinced that the sharing of knowledge and culture surrounding the values of sports, nature and ecology can help forge social bonds, engagement and confidence in the future.

Transmitting a host of knowledge and experience to create and strengthen social bonds also involves facilitating integration and transmitting strong values of collective responsibility and of overcoming personal limits, thereby empowering individuals from all backgrounds to succeed and flourish.

The overarching goal is to take daily, tangible actions today, for tomorrow.

With that in mind, the CHRISTOPHE FÉVRIER ACTION FUND represents a new step in the company director's corporate patronage endeavours. It crystallizes a new, large-scale project, that of opening an alternative school for young children, and its priorities include the development of a pedagogical mission of managed support to help these children prepare for a successful future and integration into active life.

Various projects and events will contribute to a series of initiatives such as :

– Promoting a new form of early childhood education
– Making on-the-job training possible starting in secondary school
– Promoting and supporting artistic, educational and sports organizations and events
– Supporting scientific research programs in the fields covered by the fund

Creation date : 2017

Organization :

  • Christophe Février, President of the Action Fund
  • Claire Gagnaire, Director General
  • Elsa Haddad, founding member
  • Guillaume Roy, founding member

A message from Christophe Février

« We are currently experiencing a Renaissance characterized by the liberalization of cultural mores and the development of new technologies with revolutionary potential. It has never been more easy to exercise free will - both for better and for worse, as social networking can also lead to demagogy, and artificial intelligence can also serve to limit our freedoms. As a natural optimist, I believe in progress and in the positive nature of this transformation, as long as we act to vigilantly ensure that these technologies are properly used. It is all a matter of education. »

It is from this standpoint that I created the Christophe Février Action Fund, to support concrete actions in the fields of ecology, art, sports and education, because for me, these fields are all connected: education requires the body and senses to be exercised, as well as the mind, and a renewed relationship with nature. »

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