Light to help dyslexics

Discover LEXILIGHT: The first lamp that helps with reading

It is with great enthusiasm that we have launched the LEXIFIRST program by LEXILIGHT.

It is the first Reading Assistance Lamp, which we have called "LEXILIGHT".

Manufactured in Brittany by an adapted company, our project is both social and societal. It is led by our association the Christophe Février Action Fund, whose aim is to take tangible, daily actions to promote Education, Culture and Ecology.

Dyslexia is a reading disability that affects nearly 7 million people in France.

It primarily affects children, especially as they learn to read. It can take months, or even years, for their schools or families to notice their difficulties.

The lamp's effectiveness has already been demonstrated, as 87% of users saw immediate improvements (significant reading progress, visualization of spaces, increased confidence, pleasure reading) and 13% expressed the need for special adjustments.

This is why we created LexiFirst: a personalized assistance program, as dyslexia can manifest in a variety of ways and our goal is to provide a concrete, tailor-made solution.

For several months, we have collected extraordinary, hopeful testimonies about this project, which is based on over 20 years of research.

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