Professional lighting and intelligent LED fixtures

Through Thomas Watt Lighting Pro professional lighting solutions of the future, our group specializes in professional LED lighting solutions.

Our teams analyse, design and develop the very best professional lighting solutions.

Made to measure light fixtures for manufacturers, companies and individuals

Our professional LED lighting solutions are geared towards the tertiary and industrial sectors. Our light fixtures combine comfort, modularity, design, durability and energy performance. Constantly seeking out innovation and increased performance, Thomas Watt Lighting Pro products are designed to meet current technical and aesthetic requirements.

Developed in strict compliance with current standards, our LED lighting solutions are Made in France and come with a 7-year guarantee.

Lighting and savings

We help professionals and manufacturers boost their productivity and reduce their costs and energy bills through :

- Solutions that optimize energy consumption using very high performance LEDs.
- Networked digital lighting solutions: Digital Lighting and Smart Lighting.
- Smart lighting solutions with remote-controlled fixtures.
- Control tools that are compatible with building management systems (BMS).

We also guide manufacturers and professionals through each stage of their projects, from the detailed analysis of their needs to the completion of a specialized photometric study.

LED lines tailored to each individual need

- The Industry Line: suitable for complex spaces, these light fixtures are sturdy, energy-efficient and high-performance to guarantee an optimal level of comfort for users.

- The Tertiary Line: LED light tiles are a flat, stylish lighting solution that is energy-efficient, effective and customizable. It can be adapted to all ceiling types (medical facilities, public buildings, offices, schools, commercial establishments, etc.).

- The Home Line: to light your apartment or home, Thomas Watt has created a line of LED bulbs to make high-quality lighting available to consumers (E27, B22, E14 LED bulbs and GU10 LED spotlight) at a reasonable price with a focus on energy efficiency.

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