Chairs, furniture, partitions and accessories made entirely from moulded wood

Through our primary and secondary wood processing factories, we offer comprehensive service and 100% French products. From wood peeling to the production of veneer and flat plywood, we build furniture, accessories and decorative partitions out of multi-layer moulded wood with high-quality finishing.

A truly responsible organization, the Manufactures Février group makes a commitment to future generations through ecoresponsible exploitation. Our factories, all PEFC certified, guarantee that the wood used is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Wood peeling expertise and know-how

The European leader in peeled veneer, our BRUGÈRE factory has a processing capacity of 40,000m3 logs per year. From peeled beech veneer to plywood panels made from different kinds of wood, we have made use of the varied characteristics of the hardwoods from the regions of Burgundy, Franche-Comté and Grand Est since 1928.

Each log, sourced from a sustainably managed forest, is carefully chosen to breathe life into special creations that are used for all kinds of industrial applications, for both structural and decorative purposes.

French manufacturing of moulded plywood chairs

Specializing in the design and production of moulded plywood, laminated wood and curved wood pieces, our REGNIER factory combines historic expertise and a production capacity of up to 2 million pieces per year.

With a mould catalogue containing over 150 shell and seat models, REGNIER can complete any project, from design to production, while strictly following your specifications. Its design office, in constant search of innovation, develops unique shapes for 100% custom wood furniture.

Consulting & Custom wood design

For over 50 years, our CARDINEAU factory has produced complex machined pieces out of moulded plywood and wood veneer. Its advanced technology enables it to create curves up to 3.20 m long, and its catalogue of over 400 moulds allows it to create an infinite variety of shapes.

In direct collaboration with your design office, CARDINEAU's engineers will create unfinished, semi-finished or finished curved pieces for a variety of project types: from interior furnishings to outdoor street furniture, as well as partitions and curved pieces for doors, drawers, electronic machine casings or musical instruments...

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