Brugere receives Jean-Paul Lanly Award

Wednesday 26 September, the French Academy of Agriculture which focuses on promoting French wood gave the Jean Paul Lanly award to the BRUGERE factory. The ceremony brought together the 2 winners of the award and the 45 medallists from the agricultural sector, at the French Chamber of Agriculture (APCA) located at 9 avenue George V in Paris.

The French Academy of Agriculture is a recognized public-interest organization. Its statues are approved by the President of the Republic by decree, then adopted by the Council of Ministers after a recommendation by the State Council. The President is the guardian of the Academy and the Minister in charge of agriculture is the honorary president.

On this occasion, Jean Paul Lanly, Officer of the National Order of Merit and former Director of the Forestry Department of the FAO, gave one of the awards to Christophe Février, President of Brugère and founder of the French industrial group Les Manufactures Février, which comprises 8 companies and industries throughout the country.

This award, created in 2015 by the French Academy of Agriculture, aims to give greater prominence to the wood sector which creates both jobs in France and added value, thus promoting national forest ressources and their diversity.

The Brugère factory, established in 1929, will soon be celebrating its 90th anniversary next year. .

Brugère is specialized in wood peeling and the manufacture of flat plywood and veneers. The factory acquires its ressources from a prime geographical location : France’s most beautiful forests.

Over the years, the company has proven his capacity for innovation and anticipation in primary wood processing. It continues to develop its technical capabilites starting from a prewar portable sawmill, in order to advance its recognized know-how on different peeling processes. The staff’s broad experience and the quality control carried out throughout the assembly line from the value, the log selection to peeling and drying, are some of the keys to a factory’s success.

Joining the group LES MANUFACTURES FEVRIER allows Brugère to boost the activity of two other companies : Régnier, in Clairvaux in the Aube region and Cardineau in Bouillé-Courdault in the Vendée region; both specialized in wood processing, in higher value product types, specifically molded pressed wood, a material and a technique used essentially in furnishings and fittings.